Someone Said Goodbye

Whether Alice was murdered by Len or not remained a dark question mark hanging in


my life now with Alice, not Len.

I have a restraining order against him from coming near my house. Two weeks so far

“I bought a rabbit I named Wobbly today. It’s in the basement, protected behind a wire

The pressure from Len’s reappearance dissipated, the emotional valve releasing

“A sorceress might help him get over his hurt, work on his spiritual double” she said.

“Sorcerers can’t heal beans, you now. Len’s a bad omen, a hurricane waiting to

“I sang an Enya song to Wobbly and he shook all over he was so pleased.”

“Sweet, if you see Len call me at Riff’s, kick my butt if I’m napping on the cushions

“I really love The Sweet Far Thing, Gemma entering the Realms where anything

How comforting Alice’s nickname was, the one I gave her. It soothed to me when I

“A wizard petted Wobbly, Sue. His hands huge yet gentle. When I told him Wobbly

“Len, here?” I said disbelieving, her words’ fuzzy. “When I’m at Riff’s, don’t let

“I raised my shirt, the red and green one you bought me, to distract him and he

“Will you?” A demand more than a question. She nodded and walked upstairs to her

“He told me he wanted to see more of me next time, giving me a wizard’s blink

Just then, my smartphone’s email pinged the first few notes of Christine Harnische’s

“Shit, Len’s in town,” I said after reading his email. Her face flushed as if sexually

“I told the truth and you thought it was dreaminess and didn’t believe me.”

She went back to her reading room. I slept and woke up with a start. It was 3:30 a.m.

We listened to Enya’s, “Someone Said Goodbye” and then he

turned me into hot churned butter with his plunger. He won’t

bother you anymore. Didn’t we have fun, our wild sex so good?

He put a spell on me and turned me into cold, cold weather from

which I might not return. I’ll gift you something from the other

side. Don’t wait up for me, Susie Q.

I hit Alice’s reply five times, each bounced back: Mail System Error-Returned Mail,

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