So, You Wanna be a Cop?

As told by Dr. Mitchell Jacobs, Chairman of Media Studies who is substituting tonight for Professor Francis Neptune’s “Interpersonal Communication” class. Frankie is an adjunct liberal arts professor at a small local college. The students are mostly Criminal Justice majors. Frankie is attending a Racket (copspeak for retirement party) for one of his former colleagues from the NYPD.

“Professor Neptune tells you police stories from his years working in the NYPD that are usually funny. Tonight, I’m going to try talk to you as Frankie does with me in private conversation.”  Professor Jacobs says to start the class.

Only by working around the clock driving a radio car in Manhattan can one encounter the weird assortment of characters, criminals, assholes and the good people Frankie talks about. But there’s more. I think it’s about time you heard some of the darker events Frankie encountered. Things he hardly talks about. Things that will probably haunt him forever.

It was a cold and dark winter night back in 1982. The housing development site at 444 Second Avenue in the confines of the 13th Precinct was filled with mostly good people. But those  good people were punctuated by more than enough lowlife predators.  At night the good people hid behind their securely locked doors. If something happened they’d call 911 anonymously.

Frankie was assigned to a foot post on Second Avenue because his partner Jimmy, totaled out an RMP in a traffic accident. The penalty: Both cops assigned to the car (driver and recorder) walk foot posts for a week. The Commanding Officer put Jimmy on a foot post on the other side of the Precinct so these two characters wouldn’t hang out together. Kind of give the civilians in the 13th Pct. a break.

Frankie hears a call come over the police radio: “10-10 FEMALE CALLS FOR HELP 444 SECOND AVENUE FIFTH FLOOR STAIRWELL.” Frankie happens to be right in front of that building as the call comes over. He immediately runs into the urine smelling lobby and jumps into the dirty elevator to the fifth floor.

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