Snap, Crackle, Pop

But the interracial team of wannabe wise guys just is there to deliver a message to Joey Two Tone regarding some business arrangement. They thank him for the free drinks and leave the club without incident. Now should be relieved, but Leon is pissed that missed a chance to fracture a skull, break an arm or bounce one of them off the sidewalk and into a dumpster.

Another long and boring night at The Club Raquel comes to an end.  always park far away so no drunken asshole exiting his car scratches beloved black Nissan Maxi. But before can climb into our shiny ride with the tinted windows, the cold steel of a .22 caliber pistol meets the back of head. An unrecognizable voice says, “Walk straight ahead and get behind the dumpster.”

Behind the dumpster there are two guys waiting for .  One of them is the brother of some chick banged last week in the bathroom of The Club Raquel.  I think her name was Tashinga. Leon’s always had a bad case of jungle fever and now might have to pay for that.

The other dumpster dude was some short Asian guy.  The three of them start to beat the shit out of .  It is 9am when awake in the Emergency Room. The nurse says the cops want to talk to us. As usual dummy up. Leon is already calculating revenge on his own.

This is life, no, excuse me, this is life.



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