Snap, Crackle, Pop

I am captive labor and forced to continually participate in the life of this brutish, uncouth and dangerous sociopath. get to work at approximately 9 PM at The Club Raquel.  This smoke filled and illegal drug supermarket is a magnet for all types of lowlifes.   As usual, I have no say, but the clothing selection is the uniform of the day for a beefy bouncer like ; black pants and a tightly fitting black tee-shirt accented by a gold chain. are ready for a night of fight, ready to rumble, as position ourselves at the door.

I dread the redundant conversations that permeate every evening and drag into the wee hours of the morning. The usual talk commences with guys that are as sharp as a bowling ball, Vinnie, Rocco and Vito, the other bouncers. This initial banter usually pertains to the status of each individual’s conquest record with the female population that frequents The Club Raquel.

The sexual conquest discussion is usually followed by the detailed opinions on how various professional football coaches should deploy the titans of their teams. It is all quite tiresome, especially when punctuated with more meaningless talk about gyms, steroids and designer drugs.

The other major concern, I share with parents as well is, immediate and dangerous proximity to the outer fringes of organized crime. You’d think were constantly under the biggest tree in town because of the shady atmosphere in which circulate.

Between Joey Two Tone, the owner of The Club Raquel (he drives a variety of painted two tone vintage 1950’s cars) and Johnny White Boy the local drug and swag guy (a half original whose white cop father, impregnated his black mother); it’s not like participate on the board the local ecumenical council.  I dread that it is almost impossible to continue not to engage in this web of moral and unlawful corruption.

Chuddy McVey and his partner Richie Santiago, known on the street and in the club as The Mick and The Spic enter via the front door. know this means trouble as pass along “the look” to the crew.  It would be easy to calculate the odds that a simple dissension will spill over into a physical confrontation within the hour.  So what else is new?

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