Small Town Horror

Metro Meats was a slaughterhouse here in town that employed a lot of young people during the seventies. My aunty used to work there, but a number of young men, some still alive, but older now, did their best to ruin her time at the place.

They once locked her in a cold, dark freezer room, as a joke, but the joke went too far when she felt a finger inside her. Then, through word of mouth, they heard of compensation payouts, and some of them would amputate their own thumbs in front of her with the upright bonesaw. To them, it was nothing.

My town, the town of Eugene, is like a lot of small towns, and it has its horror stories.

There was one kid I remember, Danny Mullen, who had a thing for showing off to the girls on his BMX bicycle. He would play chicken with oncoming cars up on Matthews Avenue and one day he lost, getting hit, hit hard, pinned beneath the vehicle, and dragged about a hundred meters down the road. I remember his teeth rolling to rest in the muddy silt of the gutter and the Police never did find his nose.

In nineteen eight-six, a young man, Shawn Ingamells, only seventeen, was found murdered just out of town, by the the side of the road. He was placed there two days after his death, Police found.

He worked as an apprentice mechanic and his boss was infatuated with him.

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