Slug's Revenge

“I don’t know Rocco, your eye balls are hangin out on your fat fuckin cheeks. Maybe you don’t talk so tough huh? Maybe old Slug’s been waitin for this day. What about that?” Slug kicked Rocco in the kidney and spit on his gored face. “Maybe you’re the dead man right? Maybe you’re just too fuckin stupid to see it.  You think I’d come all the way over to this shit heap just to see some so so tits? No man, I needed to get you away from your boys.” Rocco moaned and rolled over onto his side. Blood was starting to pool up around his head.

“Alright, we…we can call it even. You don’t owe me nothing alright? Just get the fuck out of town and …” Slug kicked him in the kidney again.

“I ain’t goin nowhere. I been workin on this for a long time fucko. Since that beat down you gave me over at Stink’s poker game. You remember that? Yeah I didn’t think so. Well I didn’t forget. I been plannin this. Now it’s time to finish up. Death is here for a visit Rocco. He’s sittin on the shitter waitin to take you for a ride.” Slug pulled a short knife from his pocket, one of those black folding jobs with a serrated edge. It was a nasty little fucker; perfect for the job.

Rocco heard the click as the blade unfolded and began to thrash around again. He managed to kick Slug in the knee causing a sharp bolt of pain to shoot through him. Slug fell to the ground next to Rocco almost dropping the knife.

“Fuck you Slug! You don’t have the balls to do it. You’re just a weak little pussy! You better run on out of here cause when I get up, I’m gonna make you pay, and then I’m gonna visit that whore sister of yours. Oh yea, I’m gonna make that tasty piece of ass scream my name as I bleed her out. You hear me you son of a bitch?”

Slug held the knife in both hands and quickly stabbed Rocco’s neck with a flurry of downward strokes. Blood sprayed out like a sprinkler when he hit the jugular vein and he had to turn his head to keep it out of his eyes. Rocco flopped and twitched briefly, until his blood and his life ran out. Slug hovered over him for a moment, taking in the coppery stench of blood and Vitalis.

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