Slug's Revenge

“Ok. Ok. Just let me go for a damn minute so I can get to it.”

“You fuck with me, even for a second and I will end you right here. You understand? And why the fuck are you all the way over on this side of town anyway? You ain’t never set foot in this place before. You lookin to move on me?”

“Nah man I just got tired of the same old tits downtown, thought I’d mix it up a bit.” It didn’t hurt that nobody would think of old Slug when they found Rocco’s fat ass in a dumpster all the way up in midtown. He thought. “Look I can’t get to my money belt with you all up in my shit like this, right?” Rocco let go of Slug leaving a clump of wadded polyester where his collar used to be. Slug felt his heart rate slow as he controlled his breathing. He widened his stance just slightly as he pretended to fish out his wallet. Rocco just stood there reeking of Aqua Velva; waiting for his money. “What a sucker”. Slug thought.

Slug took a deep breath, he thought about all those hours spent pounding his rolled up mattress; hardening his fists, and quickening his reflexes. This was it. He shot both hands out and slammed his thumbs into Rocco’s eye sockets burying them to the second knuckle. Rocco let out a scream that bounced around the tile bathroom. He slapped and clawed at Slug’s hands, trying to pull them out of his face. Slug could hear the steady thump of the bass outside the door. The next stage act was in progress, and no one could hear them. Perfect. Slug put one foot on the wall behind him and pushed off sending Rocco crashing into the urinal. The fat man howled and thrashed blindly as he bounced off the porcelain and fell to the floor. He kicked out wildly, but the fight was already leaving him. Blood ran down Slug’s elbows and dripped on the piss stained floor at his feet.

“What’s wrong Rocco? Your day not goin like you planned?”

“You son of bitch, my fucking eyes! You’re fucking dead. You hear me? Dead!”

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