Slug's Revenge

Rocco reached out with his hairy slab of a hand and pinned Slug against the dirty tile. The smell of Aqua Velva and Vitalis briefly masked the stale urine that permeated the room.

“So I hear you got lucky tonight?”

“Aw, you know, I hit a few good hands, nothin to go ape shit about.”

“That’s not what I heard. I heard you cleaned out a bunch of upstate rubes for close to twelve large.” Rocco tightened his grip on Slug’s shirt. “I don’t like hearin things like this Slug, not unless I hear it from you. It makes me think you might try and get smart. You tryin to get smart Slug?” Rocco punched Slug in the stomach doubling him over.

“No Rocco!” Slug said between gulps of air. “I wasn’t gettin smart I promise. I just wanted to unwind a little you know. It was a long round at the tables. That’s all.” Slug wasn’t nearly as out of breath as he let on. Thousands of crunches done in his little rat hole apartment had made his formerly flabby stomach hard as a rock. No, he had Rocco right where he wanted him, close and unaware. Unaware that he had made his last collection call.

“Give me that stack you’re sittin on you little shit and maybe I won’t break your knees.”

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