Slug's Revenge

Slug knocked back his double bourbon and looked at his watch. Death would be here soon, and he needed one more drink. He threw another five at the dancer attacking the pole in front of him and thought about his bladder. It was urging him to take a piss. He needed to get up, but those tits were perfect. How could a man walk away from something like that? He couldn’t and that was ok. Death would understand.  Girls like Miss Perfect Tits never paid any attention to guys like him. Why would they?Old Ricky the Slug wasn’t much to look at. But he was flush. He had hit it big at the poker tables over at the Continental and he meant to enjoy it. The Slug ignored his bladder and ordered another bourbon.

The roll of bills sticking out of Miss Sweet Tits’ thong was growing large enough for Slug to catch a glimpse of the goods underneath. This, he thought, was a good time to get up and relieve himself.  After all, she wasn’t going home with him anyway. She was probably banging that moose neck bouncer by the door. They always went for the bouncers. No, if death decided to pass him by tonight, Ricky the Slug would still be sleeping alone. Unless he decided to drop some dough on one of the “ladies” he saw hanging around outside. That idea had its appeal, but not tonight, he had other business to take care of. Bloody business.

The bathroom of Buddy D’s was exactly what one would expect of a midtown strip bar; putrid. The one rusty, piss stained urinal clung pathetically to the wall, and the shitter stall was dented and covered in filth and graffiti. Slug did his business and looked around. No windows, and a drain in the center of the floor. “This will do nicely.” He thought.

He had seen that fat fuck Rocco slip in and palm a Benjamin to old moose neck about thirty minutes ago. He had taken the bait. The news of old Slug’s epic run at the Continental would have traveled fast, and he knew it wouldn’t take long for a little birdie to sing in Rocco’s ear. That was just fine, because this time, Rocco wouldn’t be collecting cash.

Slug stood at the sink, washed his hands and waited. Shortly the door swung open and in walked Rocco, all cocky like his nuts were on wheels. Rocco locked the door behind him. “Well, well, look who washes his hands after playin with his willy? Your Ma would be so proud.” He said. Slug tried to look surprised and backed up against the wall.

“Hey Rocco, oh shit man, I was about to call you man!”

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