Silent Partner

"Don't move, Frank." I couldn't recognize the voice as my own. It was dead, just like Frank’s earlier. Just like the meat on the sidewalk that used to be three kids.

Frank looked up at me, chuckling. "What are you going to do, Joe? You going to stop me? You going to put me down?"

His bloodied hand was on the butt of his gun now. Somewhere behind me, the last goblin legged it around the corner.

"Leave it. The cops will be here soon. Don't make it worse." The shake was gone from my hand now. Frank was square in my sights.

"The cops?" Frank laughed. "The cops will thank us and buy us a round when their shift's over. You're really going to stand there and tell me that you'll turn on your own partner over this pack of duskie shit bags?!" The gun was in his hand now.

"We don't have to do this. Put the gun down."

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