Silent Night

Another year passed in the space of a single heartbeat and the figure found himself back on his feet.  It was dark but as always the town square shone brightly in the reflected glitter of colourful lights. Rosy-cheeked children laughed merrily while a chorus of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer filled the crisp night air. Someone nearby was smoking a cigar and the luxurious aroma mingled about the festive crowd conjuring warm memories of Christmases past. The lonely figure embraced the joyful scene but he knew the peace was only fleeting: Black Peter was always out there somewhere in the everlasting silent night.



Bio: Andy loves writing short stories with a horror / supernatural flavour. Andy has had his stories published on other websites and local magazines in the New Forest, UK, where he lives with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids.


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