Silent Night

Outside the snowflakes were falling thicker and faster. Flurries swirled in all directions making it hard to see far ahead. The figure was on the other side of the road when he heard Black Peter’s howl of frustration and he rushed to the next house on the list, anxious to be indoors before the devil-wolf saw him again.

The night passed quickly and the snow became heavier, making it easier to move unseen. He dodged from one house to the next, always looking behind him, always wary of the beast in pursuit. Sometimes he’d catch a glimpse of it between the houses but other times there was no sign of it.

He hadn’t seen Black Peter for some time now and he was nearing the end of the list. He had made his way into the countryside to an isolated farmhouse surrounded by a patchwork of white fields that glistened in the starry ice. He was only half way down the garden path, however, when the devil-wolf appeared before him.

A blur of motion burst from the hedgerow and sprang forward blocking his route. Black Peter growled savagely, confident that he’d finally caught the prey that had eluded him for so long. The figure was exposed out in the open with nowhere to hide and no chance of running before the wolf over-powered him.

Head down and razor sharp fangs bared Black Peter prepared to pounce.

It was all over.

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