Silent Night

The dark shop-fronts lining the high-street felt alien now, sinister even: Ghostly white snowmen leered out from behind the frosted glass along with lifeless Father Christmas mannequins. Without the colours and the warmth of the friendly shopkeepers and bustling customers the hollow commercialism of the season was starkly revealed. He remembered a time when it had been different, but that had been a long time ago.

Eventually the quaint row of shops ended and he hurried on through the town. He risked a quick glance over his shoulder down the sleeping high-street but nothing stirred. Straining his ears he couldn’t hear the growls or panting of the devil-wolf and for the moment the night appeared empty. Black Peter couldn’t be far away though; there was no way he could lose him this quickly but thankfully there was no immediate danger as he approached the first house on the list.

It was the list that guided him. He had no idea where it came from or who wrote it. All he knew was that he had to deliver the parcels to certain houses before the sun rose one Christmas morning.

The rustic entrance to the cottage was decorated with a luxurious holly wreath complete with berries. As always, the door to every home was unlocked to him and he quietly slipped inside. The fresh scent of pine greeted him as he stole into the living room. All was dark inside, save for the Christmas tree that sparked in the silvery light from outside. There was no need to creep about in here because the family were fast asleep upstairs and would never hear him. He’d tried waking waking them before, shouting for help, shaking them but there was nothing he could do to rouse them.

A scraping sound caught his attention and his eyes darted about, alert for danger. A gold bauble slowly turned on the Christmas tree making gold diamond shapes rotate along the far wall. Nothing else moved but a tightening in his stomach told the figure that he wasn’t alone. The sound was repeated and he realised with a start that it came from the fireplace.

His heart pounded as he tossed the parcel towards the glittering tree and bolted for the door. Behind him the scratching grew louder. Black Peter, aware that he’d been detected, abandoned stealth in exchange for speed as he scrabbled down the chimney and onto the cold hearth in a sooty cloud, only to find the prey was gone.

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