Silent Night

Round yon virgin mother and child…

At that point the town square changed and the people abruptly vanished. He felt a moment of disorientation as if waking from a dream and finding the marketplace deserted except for him. There were no footprints left in the snow; nothing to indicate anyone else had been here tonight. It always happened this way; hours had just passed in the blink of an eye. All around the square the colourful lights had gone dark, returning the trees to eerie spectres, their spidery branches silhouetted against the pale ghostly streetlights. All was still and all was quiet as the world slept, unaware of his lonely plight.

The figure turned to face the shadowy nativity scene. The floodlights were gone but amid the shades of darkness he could see two yellow eyes watching him intently. A low throaty growl rumbled across the empty town square and the figure took another tentative step backwards. His foot brushed past something and he looked down to see the brown sack at his feet bulging with unknown items. He never saw the sack arrive; it just appeared when the townsfolk left and when Black Peter woke up.

The huge black wolf lopped out from the nativity scene. His head low and teeth bared, saliva swung from his vicious jaws. Black Peter issued another challenging growl and slunk eagerly towards the figure. Seized by fear and pure instinct the lonely figure grabbed the parcels and stumbled backwards. He swung the heavy sack over his shoulder, turned and fled the square while the wolf’s howl echoed down the deserted winding high-street.

As the road gently curved to the right the figure spotted a dark hump in the middle of the street. His first thought was that Black Peter had somehow overtaken him and for one terrifying moment he thought it was all over. Then he realised the beast wasn’t moving. A broken antler came into view, pointing out of the snow like a miniature bony tree. The reindeer’s elegant neck and shoulder were glistening in the moonlight while a scarlet a puddle bled out onto the virgin snow beneath.

He often saw these majestic creatures during the night but he’d never seen one killed by Black Peter before. Still, there was nothing he could do for the animal. He couldn’t allow himself to feel any sorrow. It simply hadn’t been quick enough this time and he had to ensure he didn’t meet the same fate.

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