Sierra Tango Yankee X-Ray

“You usually lose your memory of the hours before you get drunk?”

No. He didn’t. But he didn’t like where this was going either.

“Look man, you know something here so why not spit it out?”

The soldier wasn’t listening. With a lurch, he suddenly rose to his feet, shouting and waving. The boat rocked wildly, almost pitching the young man into the silent depths around them. Somehow, the thought of that filled Rendell with a hideous, icy terror. All at once he realised he knew something fundamental and vital: he must not touch the water. He gripped the boat’s rim with manic desperation.

Ignoring Rendell’s panicked cries, the young soldier started screaming with even more hysteria, almost jumping up and down. Rendell made a grab for him and managed to snag his legs. He struggled and fought, trying to throw Rendell off as he fell to his knees.

“Get off me! There’s a boat!”

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