Shit for Brains

The publicity was hurting business, but more importantly, it was bringing unwanted attention to the Mob right before this big “sit down” with Coco. Besides that big headache, when shit like this happens, “favors” from politicians on retainer usually are “unavailable.”

The big shots called Uncle Vito in to Little Italy for a sit down. He already knew there was nothing he could do to save the boys from being clipped. He swore up and down the boys didn’t talk to the cops about anything. Vito found himself on thin ice because of this as well because he introduced the knuckleheads into the life.

Probation Officer Myron Kopelstein and Judge Francis McCarthy knew Little Sally and Angie had no future in New York, they were bound to get clipped.

Their case was quietly expedited. Both kids pleaded guilty and agreed to join the army FORTHWITH in lieu of jail. They understood jail or probation were not options for their longevity.

Little Sally and Angie were taken by Myron directly to Fort Bragg in South Carolina to begin their enlistment. Uncle Sam did what Uncle Vito could not, Uncle Sam saved them from a horribly painful death at the hands of the Mob.

Boot Camp for the two New York City knuckleheads passed by quickly and was uneventful. Upon completion of basic training, Little Sally and Angie were both assigned to Tank Mechanic School.

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