Shit for Brains

Angelo Pinterano was a seventeen year old living in Elmhurst, New York at the beginning of the 1970‘s. He quit high school and was working as an apprentice furniture slipcover maker. “This is a good future for a boy like you Angie,” his boss Mr. Kopelstein assured him. Angie silently replied, but with a faux smile as he stitched a beaded lavender laced sofa cover.

One night, Angie went along for a car ride with some older kid he had just met. It turned out to be more than just a quick innocent car ride to grab some White Castle cheeseburgers.

Angie thought it was so cool getting White Castle car hop service. He’d be the envy of the kids hanging out on the sidewalk. That’s where he usually was, standing on the sidewalk, ogling hot cars and their cool occupants.

Angie was unaware the shiny new red Mustang he was riding in was stolen. They were nabbed by the cops before they even got to White Castle.

Judge Francis McCarthy had mercy when the Probation report revealed Angie’s simple mental condition. Fortunately, Mr. Kopelstein’s nephew Myron was Angie’s assigned probation officer.

Mr. Kopelstein then hired Angie on Myron’s recommendation. “Myron is such a good Yiddish Boyalla,” Mr, Kopelstein said with pride to his fellow merchants on Northern Boulevard. “He loves helping people, so why should I not do my share as a good citizen? - You tell me!” He rhetorically asked shrugging his shoulders while pointing to his neighbor, The Huba Huba Kosher Delicatessen owner, cranky Karl Fester.

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