Shark's Tooth

Terry stepped up and put his nose against the man’s nose.  Blackbeard pulled him back.

“Let’s try this another way, sir,” he said.  “This is more serious than you may realize.  Do you recognize this woman?”  He showed him the digital picture of the girl, obviously dead.  The man looked but did not react.

“Don’t remember,” he said without expression.

“She’s dead, sir.  That makes this a homicide investigation, for the moment.  That means we expect cooperation from you, and Mr. Speller.  We have reports that Mr. Speller knew the young woman.  We need to talk to him, sir.”

“She’s a local toy, been out here some.  So what?”

Terry stepped up again and Blackbeard let him go.  “So she was here, you lied about it, and now she’s dead.  We get pissed when that happens.  We start to wonder what other words belong in that sentence, like maybe after ‘she was here,’ I should have said, ‘you killed her’ or maybe ‘your boss fed here to a shark’ or something else.  We’re cops.  We get paid to protect our people from people like you.  Now go get your boss, and we’ll be nice enough to talk here, or we’re coming in and get him and we can talk back at our place.”

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