Shark's Tooth

“I tried to show her, but she wouldn’t listen.  Wouldn’t listen, then she spat in my face.  Didn’t mean nothing by it.  I knew she was drunk.  But I couldn’t let them ruin her, too.

“I hit her with the rake, then I hit her again and then I was crying.  I raked the sand around her, and then I left.”

“Benji,” said Blackbeard.  He handed the rake to Terry and put his arm around Benji’s shoulders.  “What about the shark’s tooth?”

“That’s what he threw at her.  I picked it up, and stuck it in her.  So you’d know.  They did it. They killed her; not the rake.  They killed her.”


Terry and Blackbeard sat in their car and watched as the patrolmen finished up the paperwork and loaded Benji into the cruiser.  Blackbeard started the car.

“Where’s breakfast, partner?” he said.

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