Shark's Tooth

Blackbeard put his arm on Terry.

Benji, let me see your rake,” he said.  Benji handed him the rake and looked down.

“Just tell it, Benji.”

“He kicked her in the butt and she started crying.  He laughed and threw something at her and got in the car and drove away, her begging him not to leave her.  It ain’t right what he done to her.  It ain’t right.”

“No, Benji, it’s not.”  Terry wanted to say something, but Blackbeard put his hand on his arm and they waited on Benji.

“I told her she was too good for them.  I told her she ought’n to let them treat her that a way.”  He paused.  “Then she laughed at me.  Told me she was getting out of this hick town and going to Hollywood and be something, not end up a piece of a man doing nothing but raking the sand.”  He looked at Blackbeard.  “The sand’s all we’ve got left.  This used to be a live oak thicket I’d play in when I was a boy.  Now it’s just sand and condos.  I can take care of the sand.

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