Shark's Tooth

“Don’t wipe your mouth like that,” said Blackbeard.  “Worked for Bogie; don’t work for you.  Not on TV, not here.  This isn’t a TV show.  We need real answers.  When did you last see her?”

“Last night.  Or a couple of nights ago.  Who knows?  One night’s like another.”

“Oh Jesus,” said Terry.  So this was what they were going to get, the tough Shark, the one that banged heads and solved crimes until the last scene when you saw that he really had a heart of gold.  Blackbeard wondered if they could get to the heart of gold if they stayed with him for forty eight minutes.  Wondered if he could put up with forty eight minutes of this.  Didn’t have to.  Chow walked out of the house, two Walton County Sheriff’s deputies and the Walton County Sheriff himself behind him.

“Can’t you clowns read a ‘No Trespassing’ sign?” he said.

“Must have fallen down,” said Terry.  He took the picture of Chow dumping the girl and shoved it in her face.  “You told us you hadn’t seen her lately.”

Chow looked at it.  He was rattled for a moment, then regained his control.

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