Shark's Tooth

He opened his eyes.  “Guys, I don’t give autographs when I’m here.  You need to go back to the beach and leave me alone.”

“Can’t,” said Terry.  “We’re Detectives Blackbeard and Terry.  We need to ask you some questions about a dead girl you knew.  Hope you don’t mind.”  He pulled up a chair next to Speller.  “You know, you look a lot bigger on TV.”

“Everybody does.  Is this a gag?  Am I supposed to go into character for this, or what?”

Terry showed him the picture of the girl, dead.  “No gag.  You want to tell us about her?”

Speller looked around like he was waiting for a script, then decided how he wanted to play it.  They were cops; he knew how to talk to cops.

“Some local broad.  Named Jo or Yo or Mo, not that it matters, not that anything matters.” He wiped the side of his mouth and stared at the sun.

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