Shark's Tooth

“Or dead,” said Terry.  “This nails it.  We need to pick him up.”

“No,” said Blackbeard.  “But it’s sure as hell enough for a warrant for the car, maybe the house.”

“Warrant?  By the time that request goes up through Bay County, across to Walton County, and back to us, they’ll be back in LaLa Land laughing at us, and we’ll never touch them there.  That’s assuming the mayor or some other politician doesn’t step in to keep us from embarrassing a famous tourist.”

“Maybe.  You got to work procedure.”

“Maybe?  Blackie, you know I’m right.  We already tipped them off, going out there half-cocked.  They’re probably packing now.  If we’re lucky.”

Blackbeard sighed.  “Yeah, you’re right. I know I’m going to regret this, but you’re right.  Mark, take this to the Lieutenant and ask him to start pushing a warrant ASAP.  We’ll be out there when they get there.”


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