Shark's Tooth

Mark was excited when they got there.  “Hey, I’m making you guys some prints from this.  Joran, one of the patrolmen, got this from the video from Ron Jon’s.  He rewound it back a few frames and played.  They watched a car stop on the gulf side of the street.  A big man got out, looked around, opened the back door, and pulled a woman out.  He disappeared out of the frame for a while, then came back alone, got in the car and drove away.  They rewound it and watched again.

“Stop it there,” said Terry.  “That’s Chow.”  He looked at Blackbeard.  Blackbeard shrugged.

“I’ve printed you copies of that frame, and blown up the face as much as I could.”  He handed them the prints.

“That’s Chow,” said Terry.  Blackbeard nodded.  They kept watching.

“The girls not moving,” said Terry.  “Could be dead already.”

“Or drunk,” said Blackbeard.

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