Shaking through Security

“I know what you did.  All I want to do is hear it in your own words.  You know there’s an outstanding warrant on you.”  A lie, but for junkies there’s always an outstanding.

“Okay, okay.  Jeez, man.  Don’t collar me.  I got a girlfriend and baby to take care of.”

“Talk, Sammie.”

“Okay.  The museum job.  I heard it on the street.  It was a bunch of guys from one of those Russian kind of countries, one of them islands over in Europe.

“What museum job?”  Mullally knew when to simply ask dumb questions.

“They stole this little effing statue or something.  Some retired grandpa kind of people.  Russian geezers you’d never suspect.  They’re smuggling it out today.  Outta Newark Airport.  One of ‘em called it a piece of ass.”

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