Seven Seconds

The black clad Viet Cong slinked past. Each carried a deadly Russian made automatic weapon. A large spotted fly landed on the sergeant’s cheek. This time he swatted at it viciously.

The sound of the slap broke the evening. Two dozen VC turned weapons at the ready. The sergeant gave a loud shout and opened fire. Then all hell broke loose.

Startled, the two squads rushed down the trail. By the time they arrived the fighting was fierce; often man to man. In the end only two of the enemy remained alive. The young sergeant counted nine confirmed kills of his own. But the combined US and ARVN forces suffered heavy losses.

With the area secure, the sergeant marched the two bound prisoners deep into the jungle. Twenty minutes later he returned.


In Saigon he received a promotion and a bronze star for the valuable information on enemy installations he gleaned from the captured soldiers.

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