Seven Minutes Early

What the hell is going on? John tried desperately to think of a way to rationalize what he had heard. Maybe the wife of the friend had come downstairs, seen Mark and freaked out. Maybe Mark is in trouble. John’s body went cold, a dark red spray flashed across the bedroom window bathing his car in a red light and paralyzed him in his seat. Blood? John started to panic, something has gone horribly wrong inside I should go in and call the police! But he then remembered Mark’s orders. I cannot go in before the time is up. And so, he denied every rational and irrational possibility and stayed put. He put his faith in Mark. He didn’t call anyone and he didn’t go in. Maybe this is a trick. Yes, a trick Something like this doesn’t just happen to normal people. But still uneasy, he continued trying to convince himself that he was in fact, doing the right thing. Two minutes passed with no noise inside or outside on the street. Just as he had fooled himself into a false sense of balance another spray of red blood hit the window. He looked at the car clock, 11:15, I can go in now! Maybe Mark was in trouble, but maybe not, and he wasn’t going to let his best friend down.

John got out from his car and moved slowly to the front door. It was slightly ajar, evidently, Mark hadn't closed it all the way. He placed his hand on the large brass door handle and pushed it open. It swung inwards opening up into a hallway dimly lit only by a greenish glow from a thermostat.

“Mark” John whispered urgently through clenched teeth.

“Mark!”  John said again, louder this time, and with more force.

“Fuck,” John whispered under his breath, realizing that he would have to go inside. Slowly one foot at a time he stepped in.

Something seemed strange inside, it was too quiet for all that screaming he heard.

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