Sensible Living

I was released shortly after.  The night air smelled a bit sweeter than usual.  I suppose that’s the feeling anyone would get when they just escaped death.  Everything is brighter and better and means more to us.  I strolled down the sidewalk to my car.  Brand new Cadillac.  I know I spoke earlier of my money problems.  My solution s were little odd jobs for people with money.  That was fun for a while.

The man clad in black was Herman Landau.  A decent fellow with a small-time meth lab on the other side of town.  On paper, he made very little, but in reality, he made enough to buy a Cadillac like mine every month.  I think I did society a favor in shutting down his little lab and robbing him.  Of course, I do feel bad for my friend Oscar who got in the way.  I asked him to keep me company as I worked, but he was there to serve the purpose he ended up serving.  The doctors told him the tumors in his stomach were back after all.  Herman Landau is better off dead anyway.

All this floats along through my head as I aim the Cadillac back toward my house.  I think I’ll put my magazines aside and treat myself to a movie tomorrow night.  After all, Friday is pay day.


Bio: I have been writing short stories for a few years now. I had a story titled "God Hates Decatur County" published in Storyteller magazine in 2011. I live in Jackson, TN.


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