Sensible Living

The interrogation room smelled stale to me.  Like a whole gang of scumbags had just came in and relieved themselves before they brought me in here.  Maybe it was the sour memory of what I had to do in order to just survive an hour earlier.

“I ran up the steps.  He kept gaining on me.”

The detective had kind eyes.  It was like he was one of us normal people instead of a cop.  I liked him right off the bat.  I went through what happened all the way to the grisly end.

“You dropped the floor, twisted his ankle in your own until he goes down and lands on the blade.”

I nodded.

He stared at my eyes for a while after taking that in.  I thought he didn’t believe me.  But then his look was like something else.  He was probing my intentions as if he could see into my head.  After several moments, he nodded.  I watched him write up his report.  He was a good man.

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