Road Kill

They couldn’t believe it. He was family and he was arresting them—worse, condemning them. They’d get the needle for sure. And it was Billy sending them to their doom. They couldn’t understand how he could do it. They didn’t say a word. They just stared at him dumbly as he read them their rights.

He searched the station (he didn’t need a warrant, it had been in his family or years). He found the girl’s credit cards in the till, along with seven hundred thirty five dollars and his father’s old colt .45, which he knew without ballistics would turn out to be the gun that had killed her, just as he knew that nobody could survive in this God-awful heat in black leathers and a full faced helmet.


Mike Cramer lives in Broolyn, where he is an actor, professor, filmmaker, and writer. He is the author or A CONFEDERACY OF WHORES: MEDIA AND POLITICS IN GEORGE W. BUSH'S AMERICA and MEDIEVAL FANTASY AS PERFORMANCE. He grew up in California and spent his summers in a place very much like the fictional Van Winkle County.

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