Randall's Clown


Randall Jensen sat in a small room at the courthouse.  A guard stood posted outside.  Randall had just celebrated his twenty-first birthday.  Unfortunately he had just been found guilty of manslaughter, the victim happened to be his best friend.  All the time he waited, the clown sat facing him.  That seriously silly grin frozen in place and those piecing unblinking eyes.

“When will you leave?” Randall asked.  “Why don't you find someone else to haunt?  Why can't you just leave me alone?”

The clown stared at Randall for over a minute before responding.  “You'll only be here for five years.  There's still so much fun to have.  And we're going to have that fun, together, until you're old and gray,” the clown said laughing and laughing and laughing.




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