Randall's Clown

“Let's turn this guy into a pretzel,” laughed the clown as he lunged at Chad.

“No!” screamed Randall as he lunged towards the clown.  Randall grabbed the clown and threw him to the floor of the bus.  He grabbed the clown's throat.  He squeezed the clown's throat as hard as he could.  He picked the clown's head up and started smashing the back of the clown's head against the floor of the bus.  “Leave me alone...Leave me alone...Leave me alone,” Randal chanted over and over all the while continuing to smash the clown's head against the floor.


“Randall!  Randall!  Randall, take your hands off of Chad,” demanded the bus monitor.  The bus had pulled off the road and stopped.  Randall froze.  What he thought was the clown was actually Chad.  Chad's face had turned white and his lips blue.  Blood spread and pooled out from under Chad's head.  Chad's eyes were closed and his body lay limp and lifeless.  Randall relaxed his grip on Chad's neck and fell back into the arms of the bus monitor.  Randall was escorted off the bus and  into the car of a waiting faculty member.  Soon an ambulance showed up to receive Chad.


Randall found himself back in the principal’s office with the principal and a police officer.

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