Randall's Clown

Three weeks into the school year, Randall's class took a field trip along with four other classes from the school.  On the bus, Randall had the unfortunate luck to sit behind Chad Desmond, the bully of the sixth grade.

“Hey freak,” Chad yelled in Randall's direction.  “Even though I'm in front of you, I'm watching.”  Randall sat silently trying to ignore him.  “Listen, freak, you make one move, just one move, I'll paint this bus with your guts.”  Chad continued to stare at Randall while Randall continued to stay calm.  Eventually Chad turned back around,....and then the clown appeared.

“Now I know you really don't like this guy, do ya kid,” jeered the clown.

“Stop,” whispered Randall under his breath.

“Let's have a lot of fun.  Let's have more fun than you've had in your whole life!”

“Stop,” Randall whispered again.

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