Randall's Clown

“You saw no one!   Stop lying.  Now get your things together so I can drop you off at school.  And this lying better stop!”


At school Randall was seated at a small desk.  His desk was third from the front in the middle row of the room.  As the first hour of the day went by, Randall tried to concentrate on the teacher, but his thoughts kept wandering back to the morning encounter with the clown and the broken statue.  After a while he started to get more comfortable and relaxed.  That's when the clown made his second appearance.

“Hey kid...you don't like that girl sitting ahead of you, do you?”  Randall sat silent.  “I know you don't like her.  You don't like anyone.”  Then the clown slapped the back of the girl's head.  The girl screamed in pain.

“What's all this about,” the teacher yelled.

“Randall hit me on the back of the head,” the girl said crying.

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