Poof and I'm Gone

I was in the car with my boyfriend Steven Elms, barreling down the highway since we decided to take a trip to Weeping Island, Georgia the week after our high school graduation. It didn’t even matter that we were both going to Brown in the fall because this was our last opportunity for hedonistic fun before buckling down in college.

“This is going to be so epic Steven, “ I said.

“I know.”

I wiped a tear from my right eye. “I’ve always wanted to go back to Georgia because I have a lot of fond memories of vacations with my Grandparents.”

More tears came to my eyes at the thought of my Grandparents since they had been dead for several years now, and my memories could thus be compared to a house going up in flames since they were oddly familiar as opposed to being concrete.

Steven took his focus off the road, staring me down. “Do you want to talk about it Teddy?”

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