Political Puppet

A few streets away Jason’s ankle landed badly as he leapt off the pavement to cross the road. He let out a yelp and half-hopped to a bench on the other side. His thoughts were a panicked jumble, and recollections of the bizarre exchange kept flashing across his mind.

Tear your head from your shoulders…firstborn child killed by a drunk driver…

This was far beyond a fringe political movement gaining traction in the mainstream. This was a full-on cult of personality, complete with a leader whose followers didn’t question even the most outrageous things he said. Jason looked around, taking in the calm normality around him. The street was almost empty except for a few people. Two children running around their parents’ feet. A woman swinging her red bag as she swaggered along. He began to feel foolish for running from Lombard’s crowd and the man’s ridiculous but horribly effective attempt at scaring him. They were probably having a good laugh at him by now. He was probably trending on Twitter. A Youtube sensation. He winced as he remembered the frightening exchange. He’d be portrayed as a frightened idiot, mistrustful of science. They might even call him a religious zealot. He sighed, looking down at his feet. At least his ankle had stopped hurting by now. It just felt numb. He knocked it against the bench and was surprised by the sound. Like wood on wood.

A woman swaggered by in front of him, swinging a red bag. Jason looked up, frowning. Hadn’t she just walked by? And beyond, weren’t those the same kids running around their parents’ feet? He peered more closely at them, at their strangely choppy, jerky movements. Their hands held up above their heads with fingers drooping downward. Their feet leaving the floor entirely without bending their segmented knees…

Jason lurched to his feet, terror crashing over him like an icy black wave. He staggered and swayed, his nerveless ankle seeming to be rooted to the spot, his knees bending and wobbling alarmingly. His arms hung limply by his sides.

You’re the puppet Jason! You’re the puppet!

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