Political Puppet

“Well, my predictions have all come true,” Lombard said with a wince and a shrug, as though not wanting to make such a devastating point in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Adrian’s heart beat faster. The people on either side of him were deathly quiet.

“Your predictions are just manipulations. The house price rise –“

“Ah but what about my real predictions, Jason?” said the grinning man on the box. Jason’s eyes flashed angrily to Josie. Had she told the man his name? Her smile suggested she had.

Or perhaps that she hadn’t.

“What about the fortunes I have told on my shows,” Lombard continued, his tone becoming soft, silky. Threatening. His smile seemed to grow even wider, revealing a mouth that suddenly seemed crowded with far too many teeth, misshapen somehow. Wrong. “What fortune should I tell you?”

“Nothing,” Jason said, not liking the tone of fear creeping into his voice, “your predictions are either lies or tricks. You’re just a carnival magician like any other.”

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