Political Puppet

She stared at him a moment, and then her expression softened.

“That’s why people like him, Jason,’ she said, her tone like that of a parent explaining to a beloved but impossibly stupid child. “He’s not like usual politicians. He was a children’s entertainer, and a brilliant scientist. He’s a breath of fresh air.”

Jason leaned forward in his wheeled office chair, propping his elbows on the arms.

“But he’s not! He made a lot of money selling bogus predictions to people on national TV and calling himself a brilliant scientist. He claims to be able to predict impossible things, and people go along with it because it’s him! His brand of prediction and questionable proof is not science.”

“The things he predicts come true,” Josie said serenely, with the calm confidence of the converted, “you can’t deny that.”

“Only because people want to believe it so much they make it happen! That house price rise he predicted? People were so desperate to buy after that the prices went up because of the demand!”

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