Pictures of Matchstick Men

It was a bright and clear spring day as I sat at the outdoor table in front of the Administration building during a break in classes. I was enjoying a cold sliced chicken sandwich on soft white bread with mayo, tomato and lettuce and an ice cold Sprite. Along with my bag of chips. Of course, I had my chocolate chip cookies.

All was good with the world today. It was breezy, I like breezy. I like hearing the wind ruffle the leaves in the trees. The world seems not so stagnant when the breeze makes it vibrant and alive. This all, in spite of what terrible shit is in the news.

Then, my colleague, Marty Rhodes plopped down right beside me with his lunch from McDonald’s. Marty was a real malcontent, he complained about everything, I mean EVERYTHING. It started with what little we were paid as adjunct professors, all the way across the spectrum to the quality of students, as he would say, ”Nowadays.”

I was just as guilty as he was for occasionally, running down the students at this “for profit college.” But Marty never let up. The vast majority of students came ill prepared and totally disinterested. That’s just the fact.

The students believed they (or their parents) paid the tuition and therefore deserved all “A”s. All they had to do was sit there. I adjusted my class presentations and expectations for that.

Between bites of his Big Mac, Marty went on about the current crop of 18 year old students. “When I was 18 years old, I took College seriously” he sternly said. “Look at these losers “nowadays,” they’re useless.” Marty went on gesturing with a wave of his left arm as he shoveled his Golden Fries into his mouth.

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