Penalty Time

Shea nodded through the pain fog, staying silent, holding Patty firmly in his mind.  He realized that Kirill was rambling and paid no attention until he heard Valdez’s name - Valdez, the head of a West Side Mexican drug gang who had gotten too big for his own good.  Valdez, who, as Kirill explained it, had been shot, cut into pieces, stuffed into suitcases and buried under the patio connected to Miroslav’s apartment.

Shea wore a disinterested affect and gingerly felt for the recorder on his key chain inside his pants pocket confirming the button was in the “on” position.

He thought about Patty, and his thoughts were light.


Bio: Malley Hayes is a writer of fiction whose work has appeared in Fear and Trembling magazine and Eschatology Journal. He's also a stage actor living in NY.

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