Penalty Time

Shea raised his arms before the barrel of Kirill’s glock.

“You’re part of us now, right Shea?  In the circle?  This is how you get in.  An old Novgorod prison tradition.  Whoever gets two pins is the winner.  If you lose, you still live, with a penalty, of course.  Refuse to fight and . . . “

Kirill smiled and lifted his eyebrows.  Shea nodded and Anatoly told him to strip and step onto the mat.  Shea got down to his boxer briefs and faced Miroslav – wide shoulders with long, sinewy arms and paws for hands.  His chest was broad and smooth and his stomach was a sheet.  He had deep inset black eyes with matching hair.  Shea estimated he was about six-four.

Anatoly shouted “fight” in Russian and Miroslav tackled Shea to the mat.  Shea felt his lungs compress under Miroslav’s weight.  He squirmed onto his stomach to avoid getting pinned and felt Miroslav’s thick arm reach around his throat while pinning one of Shea’s arms behind his back.  He also felt Miroslav’s genitals against his ass and swore he was lightly thrusting.  Shea couldn’t prevent Miroslav from flipping him on his back and he heard Anatoly yell “pin”.  Miroslav’s sweat was in Shea’s mouth and he felt Miroslav lick his ear before he got off of him.

Kirill was laughing and urging Miroslav who looked at Kirill like a flattered school boy.  Shea sprang to his feet and launched at Miroslav driving his shoulder into Miroslav’s knee. The big kid folded like a lawnchair and Shea put his knees on Miroslav’s elbows and pressed with his hands on Miroslav’s shoulders.  He looked at Anatoly who said “pin” without yelling.

Shea backed off to the edge of the mat and watched Miroslav rise, his lip shaking.  He thought the UFC prospect was going to cry when Miroslav’s face flushed and he charged at Shea.  Shea ducked behind Miroslav, but the fighter pivoted and drove his fist hard into Shea’s jaw.  Shea saw the ceiling and before he realized he was on his back, Miroslav sat on his face and Anatoly screamed “pin”.

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