Penalty Time

“I want to know about Valdez,” he said.

All three men locked onto Shea.  Vlad shrugged and mopped his plate with his roll.  Anatoly’s jaw hardened and Shea could see the rage in his cheeks.  Kirill was ice.

“I’m sorry,” Kirill said.  “Did you just mention a piece of shit while I was eating?”

“Yeah, I want to know what happened, Kirill.  I’m part of your, whatever, circle.  I could go down with you for all kinds of shit, and I think I have a right to know.”

He hardly got his words out when Anatoly’s plump finger was in his face, threatening to cut Shea’s balls off if he said another word.  Vlad called off his friend with another shrug.  Kirill was motionless.

“Oh, you’re part of it now,” Kirill said.  “You have a right.  Americans and their rights.”

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