Penalty Time

And there was LuAnn, Kirill’s Filipino piece-of-ass who was set up in an apartment and did nothing but online shop and play video games.  She was a Playstation wiz.  As a gift to Shea for all his hard work, Kirill let him fuck her. Of course, Shea didn’t refuse.  Little did Shea know that he would have to do her in front of Kirill.  So there’s Luann, all four foot nine of her, reverse cowgirl on Shea while Kirill sat in an easy chair barking instructions.  When they were finished, Kirill cheered and slapped Shea twice on his bare ass.  When Kirill invited Anatoly in for a turn, Shea faked fatigue and left rather than have to watch the grunting Georgian work over Kirill’s concubine.

Shea snapped from his frustrated trance when he heard Kirill’s scratchy voice.

“Look at this one,” Kirill said.  “Not even paying attention to me.  Can you believe it, friends?”

Anatoly and Vlad mocked Shea.

“What?  Nothing to say, my friend?  Kirill said. “Silent Shea.”

More laughter.  Shea bit his lip and went for broke.

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