Peeping Bomb

If you thought the glares I got walking in were condescending, try going at a dead sprint across the lobby and out the door.

“Slow down!”

“Jack ass!”

“Why is he bleeding?”

I laughed out loud. I never do that. It felt like I was back on the playground being chased by my friends, both of them. By the time my apartment door flung open and the roaches skittered for the holes in the wall; ten seconds remained. I counted down like it was a new year.

Like clockwork my watch hit one and that yellow flash came through the windows. The windows blew outward, spraying pedestrians on the sidewalk. Orange plumes of fire spewed forth and black smoke came out the top. My calculations were dead on. Like a ship being sucked into a maelstrom, the building collapsed in on itself and spread a dust cloud for at least three blocks. When it at last cleared I had a pristine view of the rest of the park. The sirens were silent and the dank smell was replaced by that homey barbeque odor. For the first time I could picture Abby and Zeus strolling along that path that was laid out in front of me through the window.

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