Peeping Bomb

“You have to remember that you represent the army now. People use you as a reflection to all of us. Do me this favor and try to behave, alright?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I would nod, catching the length of her wired legs on the driver side in the street lights. The hound would be sitting on the hump in between us, his nose roaming around my face. That wide tongue would lather my ear.

I enjoyed those rides so much that I started hanging out with soldiers I knew would start fights. That way I knew I would see her. Every time she had one of those pressed smiles on her face, knowing I was up to my usual tricks despite her best lectures. I didn’t know at the time, but Elmira was the first woman I could talk to and watch without her getting offended. I imagine Thor being there to watch had some effect on that but it didn’t matter. I never thought about sex with her, though she had those long legs and sleek hair that made most men shake in their underwear. Her company on those ten minute drives tending to my bleeding lips and black eyes was worth all of it. Then I was discharged.

It wasn’t the act I regretted most. It was that I wouldn’t get another ride from Elmira anymore, the one the good thing in my life. The only good thing. Those fleeting minutes in the jeep hearing her talk while dripping dog drool from my chin brought the rarest thing out of me. They made me smile. The one thing I had left of her was an old pair of 3D glasses she had used when we went to see a movie together. It had been the one night of my life absent of explosions or violent brawls. I made sure to keep them in my shirt pocket wherever I went. Nothing could make me lose this wonderful feeling I had. Then my discharge came. I became lost, drifting through jobs without purpose or direction, a bottle floating in the ocean.

Abigail changed that.

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