Peace on Earth

“Hah-hah, yes well, anything’s possible. You really have no memory of your service then?”

“No, but he has a chest full of medals, don’t you Daddy?”

“Aw, well. This uncle of yours, he served over there in the German Army?”

“Yessir, I even remember he was in the Sixth Company, I read some of his letters before my dad passed away.”

“Ah, and his name was Wil, you say?”

“Yessir, Wilhelm actually, his full-name was Wilhelm Helmut Laufenberg. He was a lieutenant. Oh, here, here, I got a picture of him, here.” He handed the picture to his future father-in-law, just as his future mother-in-law called them all in to dinner. She had to call her husband three times, as he sat staring at the picture for a long time, a long, long time, before finally snapping out of it, snapping out of a failing, fading memory, as he smelled his wife’s delicious, divine cooking, and his human senses reclaimed his body.


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