Peace on Earth

“Ummm, so I been told; and the Emperor’s crown in the middle. Wonder how I got it, anyway.”

Frank Laufenberg frowned. He’d been filled in, the night before, by his betrothed, that her father had suffered a gunshot wound to the head and had no memories of his service in the British Army. “Well sir probably traded it to a German soldier for something of yours. I remember my dad tellin’ me that was done a lot.”

“But, but how would I trade with the enemy. You mean I’d taken one prisoner?”

“Well, yessir, that could be. But, you know it’s funny, my dad, well he told me my uncle Wil, he was over there, he told me my Uncle Wil wrote him that they had this time in 1914, heh, that’s the year I was born, you know, anyway, they had this time when, during Christmas, my uncle wrote him that they became good friends with the British soldiers. Said they were Anglo-Saxons and the Germans, you know, are Saxons, same kind of upbringing I guess and well, they gave each other these things as presents, you know, they exchanged presents at Christmas time.”

Samuel Dewey Baldwin blanched noticeably and his wife frowned. “Dewey, are you alright?”

“Yeah sure, some indigestion, I guess.” He turned back towards his future son-in-law. “They exchanged presents you say. Hah, interesting but I probably got it in a pawn shop, heh!”

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