Peace on Earth

Both the fathers quickly sobered up and, along with the spectators, finally called the fight a draw. The two boys shook hands and became friendly, especially when Sammy found out that Abe Schmidt was actually an American. They went back inside the pub, where Sammy’s father bought the next round, which was soon returned by Schmidt, and, after much pushing and prodding by their father’s both Sammy Baldwin and Abe Schmidt, decided to enlist, if they would take them, in the British Army.

Needn’t they have worried, for the British Minister of War, Field Marshal Earl Kitchener was planning to send an Expeditionary Force to France and he felt that he needed all the soldiers he could get, be they British, Irish, American or any other nationality, for, as the Minister of War well-knew—in a war—a body was a body.



French and Russian they matter not,

A blow for a blow and a shot for a shot!

We have one foe and one alone, England!

—Ernst Lissauer, Hassgesang Gegen England, (1914)

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