Peace on Earth

“Wha’ is this, soldier? I ordered resumption of the war and anyone caught slacking off or talking peace to the enemy is subject to being shot.”

“But sir, youse don’t mean it? I mean the Jerry’s ain’t firin’ at us?”

“Ah, a Yank—A—well son, they will, jus’ you wait ‘un see—now hunker down and be ready to fire yer weapon. The Bosches don’t have a sympathetic bone in thar bodies.” The colonel hurried down the trench-way, as Abe Schmidt glared at the backside of the lieutenant, now fast on the colonel’s heels. He turned back towards Baldwin.

“I ain’t gonna do it Sammy—why, they’re jus’ like us—it’s like killin’ yah friend, like killin’ yah brother—I ain’t gonna kill anybody no more.”

Sammy Baldwin nodded his head in agreement. “Me either Abe—me either.”


The German colonel stomped through the trenches screaming: “Schiesse, oder Ich verschiesse Dich. Shoot or I will shoot you.” The colonel had a pistol in his hand, causing the German sergeant he was facing, and staring at, to raise his rifle, point it towards the enemy Front, then tilt it upwards, towards the sky, and pull the trigger. The colonel stomped away swearing under his breath that he would replace the entire unit with real soldiers and court-martial them all.


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