Peace on Earth

Baldwin was tired of the war, the orders, always to kill Jerry’s and he had heard this German officer say he wouldn’t kill any more, at least that’s what Abe had just told him he had said and if he couldn’t trust Abe Schmidt then he couldn’t trust anyone anymore.

“Yeah lieutenant sure man. Hey, you think you can get me one ah those belt buckles, the kind with the crown on it and the German writin’ saying God’s wid us?”

The German officer extended his hand, which Sammy Baldwin shook. “Ja, ja, Ich vill do it for you Baldwin.”

“Ah, jes’ call me Sammy.”

“Ja, und you jus’ call me Villie—ja?”

Sammy Baldwin winked at his best friend Abe Schmidt. “Ja, ja, sure thing Villie.”

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